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    International Mobile Internet data "iVoyager" MINI SIM card

International Mobile Internet data "iVoyager" MINI SIM card

Model: Mobile Internet data Roaming "iVoyager" Mini SIM card
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The Global Roaming International "iVoyager" Mobile Broadband Data SIM card.

Connect any enabled device all over the world with one single account.

Ideal for your Tablet,  Notebook, modem, MiFi, M2M or any unlocked mobile device anywhere on the move.

Bill as you go at a competitive rates through more than 300 carriers in 120+ countries.

Mobile Internet broadband stating from 0.10 Euros per Mb.

No contract. No commitement. Pay as you go. Live account management.

Credit valid ONE Year. Connecting to the internet when abroad could not be easier.


The Global Roaming high speed wireless solution is designed to improve the productivity of mobile workers and travelers, by providing secure high-speed instant access to webs, e-mails and confidential information.

One single "iVoyager" SIM card connects you with the same settings to 300 carrier operators worldwide.

  • "iVoyager" Micro SIM:  3G Data SIM (Also available as a Nano SIM)
  • Mobile Internet data access and SMS.
  • Compatible with any unlocked 3G mobile device with standard size SIM slot.
  • For Tablet, Notebook, Dongle, MiFi, M2M 
  • Works in more than 120 countries and more than more than 300 carrier worldwide
  • One SIM - one global configuration
  • Billing based on upload and download data traffic, regardless of the time spent online
  • Simple rate policy
  • Real-time usage control
  • Notification before disconnecting when the account balance the limit, Daily usage report.
  • Easy online recharge.



  • Compatible with any unlocked device with regular Mini SIM slot 2FF (Also available: Micro or Nano SIM card)
  • PC, Notebook with 3G Modem
  • SmartPhone
  • Blackberry*
  • IPhone up to 3GS (4GS use the Micro SecureXpress SIM)
  • Android Tablet, iPad
  • MiFi
  • M2M
  • Also Available: Micro or Nano SIM card




 Roaming SIM Format

 Our Advantage

Save up to 80% on Roaming Charges

Global Roaming cut by 50% to 80% your communication’s and connection’s cost abroad. No more hassle to be in touch with your Business, Family and Friends.

- No Contract

- No monthly Fee

- Bill as you Go

- No signup Fee

- Funds Available 360 Days

- International support

 Anywhere, Anytime

The "Swiss Knife" of your communications

The Included Global Roaming Membership is the traveler’s communication Swiss Knife with access to voice communication, secure data roaming, secure fax, SMS, VOIP, file backup and more at an incredible 50% to 80% savings.